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A Battleships game for practising school subjects and opinions. Students must create sentences using starters such as:

Ich liebe…

Ich mag…

Click on the image below to download the school subjects battleships game in PDF format and scroll down further for a full explanation of the game.

School Subjects Battleships



Many students will have played this game before in English, although some will need instructions.

Students should work with a partner and use one worksheet each. On the top grid, they should secretly mark their battleships. One battleship should be 4 squares long, one three squares long and two battleships of two squares length:







Once they have their battleships in place, they should guess where their partner’s battleships are by creating sentences. The very first square on the board, for example, would be:

Ich liebe Englisch

The very last would be:

Ich hasse die Naturwissenchaften

The partner will then say whether the guess is a “hit” (getroffen), “miss” (Wasser) or when they have completed sinking a whole ship, “sunk” (versenkt). Students can use the second grid to make note of their guesses.

If the guess “hits” a ship, the guesser has another go. If it is a miss, play passes to the other player.

The winner is the first to sink every one of his/her opponent’s battleships.

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German School Subjects – a PowerPoint to introduce basic vocabulary, opinions and analyse a simple text.

Click on the image below to download.


German School Subjects

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A wordsearch of common School Subjects in German. This worksheet has two differentiated versions. The words in the wordsearch are of course all in German, but you can choose from the listed vocabulary being in German or in English. To download the simple German version, click on the picture below.

School Subjects in German

To download the higher level version, where students are given the English vocabulary and must work out the German, click here.

To download an answer sheet with the solution highlighted in red, click here.

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A Pelmanism/Matching Cards game with pictures and vocabulary for fifteen common words and phrases to describe school subjects in German.

Click on the image below to download and see the notes beneath that for a description of the game. I suggest printing onto card so that the images are not visible through paper.

Subjects in German


Students work in small teams of 3 – 6. They shuffle the cards and lay them all face down on the table. Students take it in turns to select two cards, aiming to find a matching pair. If they find one, they keep the cards and take another turn. If not, they must return the cards to where they found them.

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A PowerPoint which guides students through the different parts of speech in a simple text. The text discusses school subjects in German and simple opinions about them. Attention is brought towards the nouns, adjectives, verbs and connectives. Students are encouraged to substitute their own words and rework and improve the text to make their own version.

Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint.

School Opinions Text



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