A Battleships game for practising school subjects and opinions. Students must create sentences using starters such as:

Ich liebe…

Ich mag…

Click on the image below to download the school subjects battleships game in PDF format and scroll down further for a full explanation of the game.

School Subjects Battleships



Many students will have played this game before in English, although some will need instructions.

Students should work with a partner and use one worksheet each. On the top grid, they should secretly mark their battleships. One battleship should be 4 squares long, one three squares long and two battleships of two squares length:







Once they have their battleships in place, they should guess where their partner’s battleships are by creating sentences. The very first square on the board, for example, would be:

Ich liebe Englisch

The very last would be:

Ich hasse die Naturwissenchaften

The partner will then say whether the guess is a “hit” (getroffen), “miss” (Wasser) or when they have completed sinking a whole ship, “sunk” (versenkt). Students can use the second grid to make note of their guesses.

If the guess “hits” a ship, the guesser has another go. If it is a miss, play passes to the other player.

The winner is the first to sink every one of his/her opponent’s battleships.

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