German numbers worksheet. Students should complete the number patterns by filling in the appropriate numbers in German in the gaps.

Click on the image below to download the worksheet.

German Numbers Worksheet

You can find an answer sheet, with the missing numbers highlighted in red here.

An explanation of the answers is below:

a) Counting in ones.

b) Counting in tens.

c) Counting in threes.

d) Subtracting four each time.

e) Subtracting ten each time.

f) Adding nineteen.

g) Multiplying the previous number by three.

h) Adding together the previous two numbers.

i) Subtracting three.

j) Subtracting one.

k) Adding five.

l) Adding twelve.

m) Adding three.

n) Multiplying the previous number by three

o) Multiplying the previous number by two.

p) Subtracting eighteen each time.

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