Mein Haus PowerPoint introducing vocabulary for rooms in the house.

Twelve phrases are introduced: das Schlafzimmer, das Wohnzimmer, das Badezimmer, das Esszimmer, die Küche, die Treppe, das Büro, der Dachboden, der Keller, die Garage, der Garten and der Balkon.

The introduction of the vocabulary is followed by a multiple choice quiz where clicking on the answers will turn the box green if correct or red if incorrect. Ensure you click on the words – clicking around the edge may not activate the colour.

A labelling activity follows – you may wish to print out these as individual worksheets for students to fill in.

Vocabulary for ground floor, first floor and second floor follows this, along with a simple writing exercise where students are asked to describe their homes.

To download the PowerPoint please click on the image below:

Mein Haus PowerPoint

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One Response to Rooms in the House PowerPoint

  1. Hildegard Lombardo says:

    Thank you for sharing this resource. I have used it for my now online class, but added voice to it.
    This is the best one I have seen in a long time, and I am not creative enough to do those by myself.

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